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are stored, maintained and searchable in applicable jurisdiction databases.

In today’s world of statistically high crime rates more and more individuals are realizing the importance of conducting a general public records search or a particular criminal background check on an individual, either within their local or state public records repositories and or a paid records retrieval/people search service such as PAR, on those that they interact with on a daily bases.


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Differentiate Between an Arrest Record and the Conviction of a Criminal Offense

Many people don’t understand the importance of differentiating between an arrest record or a conviction record, this has been the subject of controversy, legislation and litigation throughout the country for many years. Because of the fact that someone has been arrested is not proof that he or she is guilty of a criminal act, only that they are suspected of criminal activity and that the proper authorities have probable cause for an arrest. When you search a public arrest records database and discover a court docket stating that an individual was arrested And convicted of an alleged offense, then and only then is it appropriate to assume that the arrest record is associated with guilt.

Gone are the days when only law enforcement, government agencies and potential employers conduct a criminal records check. Today individuals are searching historical background data on their friends, neighbors, daycare providers, families friends, their coworkers, and even those that they elect to become romantically involved with. One of the most targeted search types that are regularly implemented by an individual, whom is inquiring into the possible shady activities of someone, are arrest records people searches.

Public Record DatabasesIt is important that you know and understand that any individual possesses the means to inquire on anyone’s criminal past at any time they desire, and equally important is knowing they also have the tools and resources at their disposal to do so. Proprietary software and licensed access to public databases, such as the example to the left, allow private services to comb through a myriad of data files in a matter of seconds, including phone number searches, to bring the end user a neat packaged report containing the information they are searching for.

Not only does having access to an enormous (we’re talking Billions) amount of public background history records provide us with the ability to help keep ourselves and our information secure, we also have the capability to help keep our loved ones and other relatives safe from predators that could potentially harm them in one manner or another.

With the ever increasing amount of incidents involving criminal activities, as well as many breeches in security plaguing our communities, one of the best resources for running a public records background check on an individual is via the Internet using a public records search provider.

Largest Database of Criminal Records Available

It is unanimously considered that the Internet/World Wide Web is the single largest database of Background and criminal records information available. Because of the huge informational research benefits on any topic imaginable it is safe to say that in the case of searching for public records of any kind via the Internet, coupled with todays technology, is the ultimate choice for those interested in researching data pertaining to the possible criminal background history of others and a variety of other things as well.

It is often a challenge trying to locate and retrieve any type of sensitive information on an individual, even when searching for so called “Public” records, particularly criminal records that pertain to specific details of an arrest or the final verdict that was reached after the individual has gone through their local judicial system.

However, there are many court dockets that are contained in Federal, State and Local databases, designated for open general use, that do document specific arrest records accompanied with certain specific details, the difficulty is locating ALL of them. Also Keep in mind that each state has it’s own jurisdictions and regulations!

When searching online for any type of public records information, you will find that there are typically two means of acquiring access to the databases that contain the arrest records or background history that you are searching for. First, you can retrieve results from public record databases by paying for the information. This data is collected, packaged up, and served right to your device screen, ready for printing. While it may be true that you would like to avoid paying for this type of service, by accessing the databases using search algorithms in a collective and proficient manor, the end result is actually considered to be the most detailed, convenient and cost effective method available.

This data will often provide specifics pertaining to a particular arrest or criminal act, as well as personal information that will identify the individual that committed the crime or whom was arrested. By running a background check, using a paid public records search service, you will likely discover more of the details that you seek when doing your research on a specific person. Ultimately this is the type of information you want to obtain.

people hiding from the truthThe next type of criminal records search that you can access on the Internet, or manually, is a free public records repository search. This particular search typically provides details such as the name of the individual that you are searching for, the date of birth, their gender, as well as their ethnic background.

Though the databases that are accessed when doing manual research are very similar, if not the same, as most sources used by online services, it will be up to researcher to locate, identify, and compile all the various elements of data that go into structuring a comprehensive individual background report. This type of manual background search is beneficial, in that, it does offer enough details to establish the identity of the person that you are searching, not to mention it’s free, but it lacks the details that are typically most important to the researcher, unless of course, the various state and local government portals are investigated thoroughly.

In summery, performing a publicly free criminal records search will usually not provide a huge amount of specific details pertaining to an arrest or criminal act, nor will this type of endeavor easily allow the researcher to find any further details pertaining to any convictions associated with the crimes that were committed. While beneficial in providing basic information, the disadvantages out way the economic attraction.

Accessible public arrest records are hard copies or electronic databases that contain vital information pertaining to any type of detention – regardless of the particular outcome that was associated with that arrest. In other words, even if the individual that you are conducting a criminal background search on was not incarcerated, you will still be able to access the information that establishes that they have been arrested.

Many individuals that are arrested are allowed to walk free after reaching a judicial based compromise. These include having the charges dropped, cases that directly involve reasonable doubt, as well as plea bargains. It is important to understand that those who have reached a judicial compromise will not have a criminal record, but they (will) have a public arrest record. If you are curious to identify the truth behind any one individual, running a background check on that person is the way to go.

Here are just some of the informational search possibilities that are obtainable through a purchased background report. Note: Only a small percentage of these categories can be viewed using the “free to the public, manual research method”.

Public Records Typically Searched For:

• Arrest Records • Business Search/Information
• Property Records • Obituaries
• Reverse Phone Search • Death Records
• Felonies and Convictions • Corporate Filings
• Warrant Records • Inmate Records

All Common Public Record Searches
• Alias and Birth Records
• DUI/DWI Records • Vital records
• Phone Numbers • Ancestry Archives
• Address History • Courthouses

Supreme Court Building

• Neighbors • Lost people
• Relatives and Associates • Incarceration Arrests
• Potential Dates • Judgment Files
• Acquaintances • Lien records
• Correctional Files • Marriage & Divorce Records
• Criminal Files • Police Records
• Family History • Military records
• Court Dockets • Sentencing Files
• Classmates • Naturalization Records
• Sex Offenders • Missing people
• Bankruptcy Records • Voter registration

Keep in mind that even while accessing a paid service for your background history report on an individual, the information that’s available may be limited, depending on that particular individuals history.

For Example: “If someone has managed to go through life never being accused, arrested, arrested & convicted, married, childless, jobless, no actual schooling; that would produce a registration record, homeless (or no address history)…. in other words, virtually non-existent or a Saint… obviously the outcome of your search efforts (using a common search engine, paid public records service, or even using local county websites to search criminal records or arrest records) are going to end with minimal or if any results”. Especially, based on a scenario such as is outlined above.