Michigan Public Arrest Records, Information and Procedures

State of MichiganThe main source for retrieving arrest records in Michigan is the Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC), which works under the state machinery and keeps note of all the criminal activities within the state. All the law enforcement agencies and courts send their compiled and recorded data to the CJIC’s criminal history record database.

A Michigan public records search can either be made through a name based data investigation or by fingerprints. A fingerprints search is an advanced procedure and is only allowed if the state laws provide such privileges.

The state of Michigan allows this form of search through an executive order or other similar conditions in which an applicant has to file a request. It is obviously simpler to do a name based data search, though perhaps the results may not be as complete, it should be more then likely adequate.

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A criminal history record database holds a large amount of various data such as felony charges, sex offender records, convictions, criminal charges, probation records and misdemeanor convictions. Michigan state courts and law agencies send this information in the form of arrests data and fingerprints of those people who have actually been charged with an offense of which sentences them for at least 90 days.

The State of Michigan allows criminal records for public viewing (through proper channels). Anyone can search for these records to help keep their business or family interest safe and sound from offenders, though you cannot use a Michigan arrest records search for accessing information outside the state.

Department of Corrections of the State of Michigan Had a Great Idea. “Lets Track Criminal Records!”

An Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) was established by the Department of Corrections of the State of Michigan. It’s main functions are to facilitate the public by providing them with all the criminal records data which they may need, though the only problem with this system is that you can only access data of which where the convictions have occurred during the past three years. Finding the complete information may require you to pay a specific fee to the state’s department of corrections, and keep in mind that some of the records will be or are withheld by the department and are titled as expunged.

The more sensitive, including miners, records are not available for everyone (only proper authorities) and there are some specific rules that need to be followed, along with the proper authorization from the state department. Anyone can view their own criminal history through the Michigan public arrest records system. Even though the general public is allowed to see each others records, to an extent, it cannot access the main sensitive issues concerned and also depends on the nature of the case. Some cases and their data are allowed for public viewings where as, again, not in the case of minors, expunged records or sealed records.

CJIC charges a fee amount of $10.00 for public criminal records and the applicant can pay this fee through check or by money order. The procedure for obtaining the records is relatively simple which requires a standard form with basic information to be filled out for submission. Some websites offer these services for free, though with minimal results. Some of the online service providers can offer fast and reasonably complete results regarding the criminal records retrieval process. Not only are these services quick, easy and affordable, but can also save a lot of hassle which is often involved with the traditional methods of trying to retrieve public criminal records via government agencies.

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