Things to Note about Accessing California’s Public Records

State of CaliforniaA variety of public records are maintained by the Department of Justice and various local state agencies. According to the Public Records Acts and the Constitution of the State, Californians have the right to request these public records from these agencies. However, there is a set of guidelines that must be followed in order to get the required information. There are certain records which the law has exempted from mandatory disclosure. These include confidential legal advice, any records that are connected to the litigation process, certain personal records and investigative records.

If you are looking for certain criminal arrest records, you will also have to contact the Department of Justice to get the records. To facilitate the public, the state has designated a public records coordinator: California Environmental Protection Agency –, General Public Contact –, Phone – (916) 323-2514. You can call, email or post your request to the coordinator and get a prompt response. For an online public record search, go to:

In order to get a particular record, the individual requesting the information has to be very specific about certain details. He or she should specify the type of records they are seeking so that it is easy to pull up the data. The whole process might take up to 5 working days. There are costs that apply for requesting these files and vary for electronic requests and those which actually have to be photocopied. Thanks to the third party information providers that are available, accessing the records has become easier, less costly and almost instantaneous. You will not have to wait for 5 days in order to get the required information. These third party sources get the data from the national and local government databases and all the laws regarding the public records act apply.

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Public Records for the Life You Live In

Sad but true, the world has become quite a dangerous place. It has become really hard to trust anyone at all. In some respects you cannot even trust your own neighbors let alone a stranger. It’s very possible that you might not know the truth about someone whom you have known for years. Additionally, some cities in California unfortunately have the highest crime rate statistics in the United States. The presence of such websites that can give you instant access to public records is a blessing and very helpful in so many ways. Not only to individuals but also to organizations and businesses because they are very cost effective and time saving.

Banks need to run background checks before they can lend money; landlords have to run back ground checks before they rent their property to someone. People buying or selling real estate may need to check the status of a property. An organization might want to know that the person they are hiring has no criminal arrest record. You can imagine how difficult the situation would be if a person finds out that they have sublet a room to a registered sex offender or child molester and put everyone in the neighborhood in potential harm’s way, only because they thought that a background check would take too long or that the process was too lengthy.

Thanks to the availability of search providing websites that will run the background checks without lengthy procedures and taking days for the request to be processed, you can get all the information you need in a very timely manner.

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