Countless Public Records Data are Retrievable, Including Full Background Histories, Arrest Records, Court Records, Vital and Marital Records, etc.

Freedom of InformationImplementing background checks and searching public records is a very common occurrence these days, mainly because the Internet as well as electronic filing makes these procedures very cost effective and the information readily available. The amount of databases that are kept for every conceivable type of information imaginable is, at the very least, astronomical.

Third party vendors, licensed organizations and even individuals can purchase huge data buys from the upper level data centers, who intern also pay for or rent this data, which is housed in Federal, Local and County databases. The concept is similar to a direct mail name and address list you can purchase in bulk form. The end of the chain is the consumer or end user, where at this point can purchase specific data or public records, from the vendor, based on their search quarry, unimpeded, from the privacy of their own computer and without the search subject having any knowledge of this.

In part, this trend has developed do to the changes made and amendments to Federal and State laws, pertaining to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which has been revised over the years and is regulated differently per each individual state. Although upper level Federal public workers records are viewed as open to all public request, the statement “Public access to arrest and booking records is seen as a critical safeguard of liberty” has acquired its own liberties here in America since the terrorist threats on our Country have ramped up over the years.

Granted, some jobs do actually require a criminal background check; such as jobs that involve working with vulnerable people, children and the elderly for instance. But there are other, more mundane reasons also. There have been so many corporate scandals over the past ten years, notably with Enron, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, just to name a few. After the financial meltdown, starting around 2006 – 2008, employers are now sifting out anyone tainted with these types of events as much as possible. In the same regard, there have also been a rash of lawsuits against companies recently arising from irresponsible employee behavior; people actually sue a company when an employee of theirs conducts oneself irresponsibly. The main reason for a background check, besides employment or anything else, have to do with simple self-protection. It’s always wise to learn as much as possible about an entity or person with whom you will become involved with, professionally or personally.

Wrongful Implications Caused by Improper Handling of Public Records

A lot of people today worry about the implications public arrest records or a full background check may have on individual privacy in regards to the direction of accessing public information is going. Some may feel that they have nothing to hide and are not concerned about someone looking closely into their past; opponents though, feel that this type of access should not be disregarded. Like in the movie Brazil, it is easy for mechanized processes to create a fatal mistake that affects someone; as this example, used from Wikipedia’s page about the movie – “assigned the task of trying to rectify an error caused by a fly getting jammed in a printer, misprinting a file it was copying, resulting in the incarceration and accidental death during interrogation of cobbler Archibald Buttle, instead of the suspected terrorist”. Additionally, information presented out of context on a personal record can easily and does ruin people’s lives, everyday, through no fault of there own.

The law can and in some cases does step up to protect the average person though. In states like California, for instance, there are considerable restrictions placed on what an employer can dig for. Information about whether you have ever been arrested is treated as off-limits: only convictions are allowed to be searched for, unless of course the arrest has to do with sexual misconduct. Drug-related misdemeanors can be inquired into only if they are more recent than two years old.

Where information is in fact a matter of public record, the state depends on a sense of self-restraint among the employer community. The law takes a stand against improper and unfair use of the public record, but it does not go any farther than that. In fact, employers can actually ask you to volunteer the confidential information they are after, and there is nothing to stop them from asking.

There are a few steps that you could possibly take to be on your guard against improper use of your record. Before you plan to venture into the job market, you can order a personal copy of your credit report and your court records. Look closely to see if there is anything that seems out of place. The courts do not always run a very tight ship and their records can often be outdated; you can appeal anything that is not correct.

Future Diversity May be Applied in Retrieval of Public Files and Information Regarding More Serious Presumptions

In the future possible amendments may be added to reflect a more lenient approach towards categorizing information which is deemed public. One such area that is likely to be considered would be flight records. In fact, this subject has and is already been discussed across the Internet, with the pro’s & con’s being about 50 / 50. Given the terrorist infiltration that is evident in all of the various factions of the world now, one can imagine that more and more pressure will be imposed on our rights to privacy as the years continue.

With legislation now trying to come up with a solution to the ongoing immigration problem, a publicly searchable flight roster may be part of the equation. One of the viewpoints regarding immigration and the present rhetoric of the day is that a large majority of the Mideast ethnic groups should be ostracized from the United States for a period of time, even while holding valid citizenship. The same has been implied to the Hispanic population here in the U.S. as well, a very preemptive and old world approach. Though on the other hand, it is mostly agreed that our illegal immigration laws should be enforced to the fullest, especially given the malaise surrounding U.S. citizens and the rampant turmoil around the world.

Public Records of TerroristA point to consider in regards to the various ethnic populations is the inner circle base and structure of these populations and how beneficial this inner circle information can be to our country and the world. In hindsight of the numerous events that have plagued our nation, we have only become more aware of how some of the terrorist groups operate and a huge portion of intelligence has come from inner ethnic circles. To this point, should we oust the very people whom are closest to these bad entities, which have the ability to lie with our very enemies? The answer to this must be a resounding no!

This leads us back to the diversity and innovation of methods that may possibly be used to access public records, beyond the guidelines that we adhere to in the U.S. today, in the future. Inadvertently this may also impact our privacy rights and may even affect the Freedom of Information Act in the form of an amendment. As mentioned previously, there’s a lot of talk about publishing flight rosters and putting them into the public records category. For this reason, let’s examine one possible example that would benefit our fight against terror using this method.

Say that there are four Western Asian ethnic groups living in a moderate size town. Three of the groups are honorable citizens with no criminal records and are content with practicing their faith, work ethics and only want to advance themselves in our wonderful country. The fourth group however, have very radical idealisms and are determined to bring down the western world. Based on American authority’s presumptions and intelligence, they are aware of the possibility that this fourth group could commit an act of terror at any time.

This is the case where flight rosters, that are accessible to the general public, contained in searchable online public records, are vital to our Nations security. Say for instance, one of the individuals from one of the first three groups, whom again are upstanding West Asian U.S. citizens, is well accepted by all factions within the community, including the fourth group, whom are radicalist. Then one day this individual gets wind of a plan, that the radicalist intend to divert a passenger flight into a targeted building somewhere in the United States, or even help to relocate several of our young propaganda brainwashed kids to terrorist training camps.

Time and swift action in this case, being of the essence, would almost be insured if the informant, who most likely is the only one at that time to have this crucial insider information, has the ability to run a passenger flight roster search for the identifying information of the radical perpetrators. This particularly miniscule privacy infringement would have the ability to save thousands of lives and help prevent many of our young citizens from being radicalized.

Open public information is crucial to the security of the United States and around the world. If you have that much to hide, charter a private jet!

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