Public Criminal Record Options

Note: In an attempt to eliminate any confusion, we felt it necessary to give a brief explanation of the title for this particular page.

There are numerous state and county level websites where the researcher can go to their specific location of interest and search through any available public criminal records data, in hopes of obtaining the information they are looking for. Websites that claim to offer free public records retrieval will 99% of the time list links to the various state and county level websites where one can search through the myriad of links offered, which you will find extremely confusing.

Any form of organized compilation put into a printable report form and served right to your desktop is a premium service offered to the general public as a convenience, usually at a very reasonable rate.

records research confusionAnother point to consider is that when looking for this type of information, all of the various types of public records are Not located in the same place. For instance if your searching for bankruptcies, warrants, driving records, property records, to name a few, your quest will lead you to many different searches. Our apologies for any felt false statements, but we just want the consumer to know the facts surrounding misconceptions floating around out there pertaining to criminal records that are free to the public.

Which would you rather do, spend time locating and searching multiple sources for the background records you’re looking for or, for instance, let us search, compile, and deliver your information right to your computer screen with the option to print the report at your convenience?

Our guess is, it’s the latter.

If you’re not sure how to search for specific types of information or are having difficulty of any kind, we pride ourselves on giving the customer as much assistance as possible. Eight times out of ten you’ll find what you are looking for, depending on many unforeseen factors, sometimes you won’t. If you would like a breakdown of the possible roadblocks that can affect a background check please email us using the contact/comments form, we look forward to it! If you’re not satisfied with our services for any reason there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, so there literally is Zero risk. We also provide, for our members, Manual Search Assistance Free for the life of the account, whether you purchase a one off report, a week or month subscription, we are here to help you find the public background information you need.

Oh and by the way, when you see advertisements offering free name searches, that does not mean free background reports, every records search website out there allows free name searches… heck even PAR!

free search assistance

So to summarize the above statements, the intention of this page, as well our entire website, is to offer information, examples, even suggestions to help the consumer make an informed decision during their information research. Here, as with most record research websites, you are able to perform a Preliminary Name Search as to help determine the availability of the individual(s) you are researching and as a courtesy, in our members area, there are many various free resources listed for each US state.

When you consider searching for any form of public court records, normally a persons first thoughts are criminal records, or better yet, criminal records that are free to the public. Although the sound of trying to achieve this task or satisfying your curiosity for free would probably appeal to most anyone’s economical side, sometimes the results you were hoping for leave much to the imagination.

Not to knock any one states judicial records system, but quite frankly trying to get thorough, complete background results on any one particular individual using a manual search approach is at best only going to produce an outcome of basic, more then likely, unsatisfactory results. Let’s not forget, even for the seasoned Googler, (is this a word now too?) this will entail a fair amount of elbow/wrist grease! To suggest that visiting the local state or county repositories won’t produce the results one maybe looking for, depends entirely on the level of information expected. Most of the time, when inquiring in person, repositories require you to fill out and submit forms with a fee attached for each search or result produced (all local and state laws are regulated differently).

Cost’s are often associated when searching and obtaining any results through a local government website as well, such as Florida for instance. So why not use one source to search all states for all types of records, for a one time low price, and have the ability to run as many queries as you would like for the term of your purchase? And don’t forget, we offer Free Manual Search Assistance. Nobody else is really doing this!

Sure, you can track down a reasonable amount of information on an individual besides the obvious basics such as name, address, age, etc. provided they have a previous criminal history, were arrested or have properly filed various common public records forms such as marriage licenses, birth record, conspicuous business name listing.

Without having access and using multiple databases in unison, especially trying to obtain in-depth criminal history records and other background data, you’re only going to pullback less elaborate information when researching criminal records that are free to the public type resources.

The days of anonymity and basic privacy are pretty much over. With the web super highway of information and technical abilities available these days, it makes it much more difficult to hide any past offense’s. Besides the availability of free public criminal records (the manual approach), there is another more thorough and time saving solution. Many services that are available today allow you to incorporate the huge databases used by large agencies and even private detectives to obtain criminal background records of practically any one individual, though as mentioned previously, as long as the individual has some sort of conclusive criminal record history. Let’s examine some of the benefits available to you by using this type of criminal records service:

Criminal Records Search Bot* Secure encrypted accounts
* Use in the privacy of your own home anonymously
* Specific types of records searches available (almost any type – you can think of), depending on your needs
* Customer Service & Support
* Compiled, down-loadable reports
* Some of the largest databases available at your finger tips
* Reasonably inexpensive
* Acquire State by State local records information
* Fast and painless
* And much more!

Since criminal records are documents compiled and regulated by the public offices and government agencies, the general opinion is that they are available for free. Criminal records are some times difficult to obtain online or off. Usually if you spend enough time (online) you should be able to find sources of criminal records that are mainly free to the public. Including warrants, though finding warrants online can be done it’s not as easy as some would think. Obtaining this type of information from police departments and government agencies is also doable, but you need to usually put your request in writing (occasionally including fingerprints), and you can sometimes wait very extensive periods of time before receiving your information.
(Sometimes years, according to some reports.)

Multitudes of Public Information For Many Uses

Some people are, by accident or intentionally, discovering many other ways to incorporate a comprehensive criminal background check into their research and are quickly becoming one of the most basic things that people do these days. For instance, public birth records are available to help you find and trace your family tree, death records are some of the earliest public records and are also one of the public vital records along with marriage and divorce.

All of these very popular searches have inspired users to apply this online technology in other very useful ways as well. With the abundance of criminal activity, perpetrators, and slick con-artists these days, it is also noticeable that peoples awareness in protecting themselves has grown to the point of diligently investigating all aspects of their lives. For example: *Neighborhoods – before moving into the neighborhood. *Company Environments – before excepting a position, or entering into a working relationship. *Your Children’s Friends – with whom they hang out with. *Perhaps a boyfriend, girlfriend or even someone you intend to marry. You get the picture…

Today’s technological advancements have catered to the need of searching for these documents in a very easy manor. With the help of various services available today searching through public criminal records, which used to be a daunting task before, has been substantially simplified. Keep in mind that even though most local and national public databases are managed quite well and updated on a fairly regular basis, not every single background search is going to be 100% accurate all the time.

These services are usually reasonably inexpensive and hands down worth the small investment!