Helpful Information for Obtaining Arrest Records in the State of New York

State of New YorkNew York is one of the busiest states in America. It is the center of most businesses and trades of the country. In a way, New York may be considered as the backbone of the economy of the United States. However, the crime rate in this state is unfortunately very high. But the government of New York takes all steps to ensure that all records and all detentions are stored and updated regularly so that people may help protect themselves and their families from suspicious people.

Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in New York is responsible for the maintenance of the New York public arrest records and criminal activities. They administer all the information regarding any felony or crime committed, arrest made and wrongful driving activity that a citizen may be involved in. This same department works as the depository for New York’s Criminal History. The database is a collection of all the crimes committed and their initial reports from across the whole state.

All the records are updated, maintained, verified, edited and removed on a regular basis and the data is collected from judicial courts, sheriff offices, Police departments, and other law enforcing agencies across the state. The records also include fingerprint scans of every new person entered into the New York public arrest records database. The whole record maintaining process is done electronically through the Internet. The entire system is digitalized and all information is sent over servers to edit the central depository.

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Unlike the majority of states, New York does not allow name based searches. So in a way, you can get records of only yourself or person you know who is willing to provide fingerprints. This step is taken by the state to ensure maximum accuracy of results. Another barrier imposed by the state of New York is that the records will be relieved to only the concerned person. The records will not be given to any other person. The exception is only when an official request is made. A personal arrest record or rap sheet in New York is obtainable somewhat easily by giving a fee of $61.50; along with an 11.50 processing charge only after running your fingerprints. Make sure to have your prints done at an independent service that will help you process your request, rather than the police station. If you happen to have an outstanding warrant that you’re not aware of or forgot about, you will be arrested right there.

Obtained from, here is helpful information – You can call 1-877-472-6915 (toll free number) or go to to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. You will need the ORI Number – NYDCJSPRY – to schedule the appointment. The “Request for L-1 Livescan Fingerprinting Services – NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services Record Review Program” form is available for your information. You should bring the application form and the required forms of identification to your fingerprinting appointment. Visit the DCJS website for the form:

This fee is relatively higher than most of the other states but this may be due to the fact that the records are fingerprint based and usually very accurate. Due to the restrictions imposed by the state on obtaining New York arrest records and criminal rap sheets, many people are unwilling to use these means. As a result, there are many online service providers that provide the same services. These private means are much simpler, open to everybody and offer name based searches. So you in turn have the option of looking into someone’s past without them knowing. The fees of these search engines are also reasonable and the results are instant as compared to the government method. Obtaining New York public arrest records through the government may take weeks but through these private websites, you can get peace of mind through a simple click of the mouse.

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