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State of Oklahoma
Arrest records as well as criminal history and all other court records in the state of Oklahoma are recorded and maintained in the database of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) pH.# 1-800-522-8017.

These records are normally kept under the heading of the criminal history department, though there are other related departments as well, such as the concealed weapons license dept. Oklahoma law permits an individual to view his or her court records at anytime. Apart from the law enforcement agencies people from the county courts and employees of OSBI are allowed to conduct searches of Oklahoma state criminal records, as needed, in the event a particular case opens or on orders from any Oklahoma county court records dept.

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Note: Not all county court records in other states are as accessible or lenient, as is the case with Louisiana, for example.

Many Oklahoma state court records can be checked via two methods:
1) – Finger prints: First off you would need the finger prints of the individual on whom you want to get the criminal history of, which might not always be possible because normally you would most likely want to check the criminal background of strangers rather then someone whom would be more accessible, such as friends or relatives etc.; therefore making the task much more difficult. The cost for conducting a search via the finger print method is $19.
2) – Name and date of birth: You need to have the name and the date of birth of the individual for whom you want to search records for. Again if either of the 2 things are missing you will not be able to conduct the research. The cost of conducting research via name and date of birth is slightly cheaper, at approx. $15. For these kinds of requests you don’t have to go directly to the OSBI, but instead, you can go to the nearest Oklahoma police department or county clerks office and get your search done, once the information needed to do the search is produced and payment has been made.

There are reasons why one should have access to these types of Oklahoma state records.

Following are some of those reasons:
1) – If you are a parent looking to move into a new neighborhood, for example, and are concerned about the security or other threats to the area, than it is safe to say that you are a potential customer for a state criminal records search/service provider. You can look at the criminal records of the people currently living in the area to make sure that your family will be reasonably safe and that you don’t perhaps face any major problems in the future once you move.

2) – Similarly if you plan an evening out, for example, and will be leaving your children at home for a while with the babysitter, then again you can refer back to the criminal record information provided to you by the service you chose and make an informed decision. Check the people living around you to make sure your children are safe, not to mention the individual whom you entrust to watch them.

Most to all professional childcare providers are checked out thoroughly before being considered to be licensed anyway, if you choose to go that route. This is not always the case with someone that was recommended by a friend and so on (Note: PAR does Not encourage the use of any information obtained, through a criminal background check, for discriminating purposes in considering employment). It pays to double check and make certain your children are under the care of a safe and trustworthy individual.

Looking at all the advantages that this type of research can offer, it is safe to say that an Oklahoma state court records search service provider and similar services are definitely worth every penny you spend.

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